If you just received your CloudBox, and need help setting it up, please see this article to get started! 

If there have been any changes to any hardware, software, or your network, or perhaps even a power outage, it may have directly affected your CloudBox.  Power cycling your CloudBox (unplug the power and plug back in after 5 seconds) will make it restart automatically and reconnect to the network, so try that first if you are experiencing issues.

If you are hearing instrumental music (lyric-less elevator-style music) instead of your desired station, that is our royalty free music. This is stored inside the CloudBox and only plays if the box does not have an internet connection. This would explain why you may have heard the music after unplugging your Ethernet cable.

  1. Please reconnect the CloudBox to power, internet and audio. 

  2. Confirm the name on the CloudBox label. It could be something like 1234-Store G9CX.

Make sure that you or your IT department has gone through our explicit list of services, ports and protocols to allow.

Troubleshooting with LED Flash Patterns

The Cloudbox has three different flashing Cloud LED patterns. If the Cloud on the top is solid blue it is streaming correctly; if it is blinking could you identify which of the following flash patterns it is indicating?

Flash, flash, pause: This indicates a connectivity issue; the CloudBox is not connected to the network. This is what you are going to see when first setting up a CloudBox, and it hasn’t yet been connected to the internet.

Flash, flash, flash: This is an API request failure. This could be where a firewall is blocking access from the CloudBox to the Cloud Cover Music API.

Long flash, long flash, long flash (about 6 second flashes): This is a media request failure. This is what you are going to see if Media is being blocked on your firewall.

LED Troubleshooting - On the front of the Cloudbox

If the CloudBox shows a blue light (Network LED) then it is unable to get a network connection. Check the Ethernet cable is correctly plugged in to a network port that is active. Test the ethernet cable by attaching a device (laptop/desktop) that is known to be working. Check your network Firewall, Proxy, and Content Filter Configurations.

If the CloudBox shows a red light (Network LED) indicating it has successfully obtained a network connection, but you are only hearing elevator style music (royalty free music stored on the CloudBox) then check your network Firewall, Proxy, and Content Filter Configurations to make sure the CloudBox can access the Cloud Cover Music service.

Network Testing

To test if media is blocked:
On a computer connected to the same network as your Cloudbox can you test this link to see if media is being blocked on your network by trying to play this file from a web browser and let me know if you hear the music?


To test access to our API:

In a web browser connected to the same network try going to these links.
Cloudbox - https://api2.cloudcovermusic.com
Tune/Web browser - https://api.cloudcovermusic.com
Mobile app - https://api3.cloudcovermusic.com

If access to our API isn't blocked you should see something like this :

{"name":"Cloud Cover Music API","version":"6.0.23"}

Another troubleshooting tip is to ping us.  Open a command prompt on your computer, (or terminal if you are on a Mac) and type the following commands (3 different ping commands):

ping api.cloudcovermusic.com

ping api2.cloudcovermusic.com

ping media.cloudcovermusic.com

A successful ping will look something like this:

If you are still experiencing issues, go ahead and perform the following command in the command prompt:

nslookup media.cloudcovermusic.com

Take a screenshot of the your ping results, and your nslookup results, and send us a chat with your info, we're happy to help. 

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