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How to: Create a Message Preset
How to: Create a Message Preset

Message presets allow you to combine your messages in unique ways and select them to play at varying frequencies.

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To create a Message Preset, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account on Tune.

  2. Click on Messaging at the top of the screen

  3. Click on Preset on the top left

  4. Click on Create Preset button on the top right.

  5. Name your new Message Preset 

  6. Select the messages you would like to add by selecting them from the 'Your Message Library' on the left. They will then show up on the right.

You can remove messages from the 'Your Message Preset' by clicking the 'X' icon to remove from your list. 

7. Select the message frequency, the song to message ratio, that you want to be configured. For example, if you select '1', your first message will play after 1 song. If you have multiple messages, the preset will go down through the list after each frequency number you have selected. Song 1, Preset 1, Song 2, Preset 2, and so on.

8. Click the Save Message Preset button.
9. Choose from 'Activate Now', or 'Maybe Later'

10. If you have chosen 'Maybe Later' select 'Messaging'  and then 'Presets' if you have navigated away. Click on the circle icon on the left to select your Message Preset to become activated. 

Administrators of the account can also create and edit Message Presets by selecting 'Account' at the top, and then 'Message Preset' on the left navigation menu. 

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