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How to: Create a Scheduled Message
How to: Create a Scheduled Message

This article describes how to use Pandora CloudCover's Message Schedule feature in Tune.

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To create a Message Schedule, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account on Tune.

  2. Click on Messaging at the top of the screen

  3. Click on Schedule on the top left

  4. Click on Create Schedule button on the top right.

  5. Name your new Message Schedule 

  6. Select the messages you would like to add by clicking on the 'Add Message' button on the left.

  7. Configure your schedule with the Message of your choice, the start time, and a repeat schedule if necessary, (daily or weekly).

You can remove messages by clicking on the message, then 'Delete Series'. 

8. Click the Save Message Schedule button.
9. Choose from 'Activate Now', or 'Maybe Later'

10. If you have chosen 'Maybe Later' select 'Messaging'  and then 'Schedules' if you have navigated away. Click on the circle icon on the left to select your Message Schedule to become activated. 

Please note when creating a message schedule, you can choose a different view. If you would prefer to create a message schedule in the calendar view, please select the calendar icon:

Administrators of the account can also create and edit Message Schedules by selecting 'Account' at the top, and then 'Message Schedule' on the left navigation menu. 

For more information about messaging, please see these articles:

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