How to Stream from a CloudBox

This article describes how to stream music with the Pandora CloudCover CloudBox.

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Streaming Pandora CloudCover be done from a browser on a computer, an app on a mobile device or using a CloudBox. 

The CloudBox advantages over other devices are many, but include having a "set and forget", dedicated, auto-restarting device. The CloudBox is a one time purchase from your Tune account, no monthly charges.

You can login to Tune, and remotely control the music, messages and volume on any of the devices.  

To stream from a CloudBox, follow these steps: 

Connect the CloudBox into your router (access point) or modem using an ethernet cable or configuring the Wi-Fi. Note that the Red Light indicator on the front of the CloudBox indicates it has a network connection. A Blue indicator light indicates no network connection.

  1. Connect the CloudBox to the sound system (amp/receiver or powered speakers). We provide an RCA cable with the CloudBox, but the CloudBox also has outputs from A/V line out, HDMI, SPDIF and Bluetooth 5.1.

  2. Connect the CloudBox to power using the adapter supplied with the CloudBox. Music will begin to stream within 1 minute. 

For a quality streaming experience, Pandora CloudCover requires a dedicated internet download bandwidth for music and messages to be at a minimum of 384Kbps.
The CloudBox does have locally stored music that will play if the network connection is not available.

All plans include music scheduling (DayParting) to play at specific hours if data usage is a concern.


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