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CloudBox: Setting up Wifi

This article describes how to set up your Pandora CloudCover CloudBox up with Wifi.

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Note: This guide is for those who cannot use our Cloud Cover Music Set up app, or need to manually configure a connect your CloudBox to Wifi. For more about the set up app, please go here:

First, confirm what version CloudBox you have. Locate the white sticker on top and make sure it lists G9CX12 or lower. If you see G9CX13 or higher, please click the button below.

What You Need

  • CloudBox 

  • Power Cable

  • USB Mouse 

  • HDMI cable or TRRS cable

  • Computer Monitor with HDMI input

Getting Started

  1.  Plug your mouse into the USB port on the CloudBox located on the side of the unit. 

   2. Next, plug the HDMI cable into the CloudBox and the monitor.

If you are using a TRRS cable provided with the CloudBox, connect the 3.5mm input to the CloudBox and the red, white and yellow inputs into corresponding plugs on the monitor.

   3. The Cloud Cover Music screen will display on the monitor.

   4. Right-click the mouse anywhere on the screen to exit out of the Cloud Cover Music screen and open the main menu for the CloudBox. 

Setting Up Wifi 

  1. From the main menu, use the mouse to click Settings

   2. Select Networks 

   3. Select Wireless network

   4. Click at the top of the Wireless network switch screen to change status to < Open >

   5. Select your wireless network  

   6. Enter your network information

  • The Cloudbox REQUIRES a secure password protected network to connect

   7. Select Connect
   8. Right-click the mouse until you return to the main menu
   9. Select the Cloud Cover Music App

   10. Look for album art to confirm music begins streaming.

   11. Once the CloudBox is connected to the Wifi, you can install it anywhere in your business. 

CloudBoxes support the following wireless authentication: 

  • WEP


  • 802.1x EAP

Please note: Wired ethernet connections are more reliable than wifi, therefore we would recommend wired over wifi. In the case of power failure the Cloudbox will save the SSID/Password for your network and automatically reconnect when power is returned.

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