Using Voice Record Pro to Create Messages
This is for using the phone app, 'Voice Record Pro' to record messages, then upload to Tune.
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This is a process that involves multiple steps.  Below is a brief summary, with details following. 

  1. Creating and sending the message file in Voice Record Pro.

  2. Uploading the message to Tune

  3. Creating a Message Preset in Tune

Voice Record Pro

Voice Record Pro is a free app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod.  Once you have downloaded the app from the App Store, and have installed the app, go ahead and open it on your phone.  You should see this screen:

Hit 'REC'.  When doing so, it won't start recording.  It will bring you to another menu.

Here is the next screen you will see. It will bring you to the 'Preset' tab.  Go ahead and select 'High'

Now you'll need to select the 'Advanced' tab.

This next screen, is where you will select the file type for your audio file.  You'll need to change it from MP4, to MP3.  Just hit the plus sign.

Now you should see this:

When you are ready to record your message, hit the red 'REC' button on the bottom.  It will start recording right away.  When you are finished, hit the stop button:

After you are done recording, listen to it to make sure it meets your need.  Just select 'Play' in the next screen:

If you feel like the volume needs boosting, select the 'Audio Boost' in the middle of the screen.  I would suggest uploading the file into Tune first, to see how it sounds with our music.  

Once you have finished, you will need to send the file somewhere.  I have chosen to email it to myself.  I selected, 'Send By Email', but feel free to choose any option.  


Download File and Upload to Tune

Now, you'll need to move from your phone, to your computer. 

  1. Open your email, (or navigate to where it is saved depending on the method you choose to send)

  2. Download the message you emailed to yourself, (take note as to where the file has been downloaded to).

  3. In a web browser, go to this link:

  4. Make sure to login as an Admin

  5. Select the gear icon in the top

7. On the left navigation panel, scroll down to find 'Messages'.  
8. Click on 'Your Library'
9. Select the 'Upload' button

10. Find the file you saved earlier and made a note of

Create a Message Preset or Schedule a Message

Now you can create a 'Message Preset' or 'Schedule a Message'

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