How To: Skip a Song

This article describes how to skip a song while playing Pandora CloudCover using Tune, Mobile App or the CloudBox.

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You can use Pandora CloudCover's browser-based app, (Tune) to control the music on your CloudBox. Control features include changing stations, removing songs, skipping songs, launching Mix Stations and Dayparts, and assigning Message Presets.

How to Skip a Song using Pandora CloudCover

From your browser:

  1. Find the player bar at the bottom of the screen

  2. Click on the skip button, and the song will immediately change

If you are remotely controlling the music, select the zone you wish you skip the song for first, and then skip.

Another alternative, is to skip from the 'Zones' tab.   

*Please note that the user will need permission to 'manage device'

  1. After logging in, select 'Account' at the top of the screen

  2. Then select the 'Zones' tab from the left navigation menu.

  3. Select your location from the list, then click on the icon to the right to select the skip of the song.  

If you are on the Manage or Messaging Plan, you can follow the steps above to skip the song for any of your locations.

You're all set!  Here are some other helpful articles to get you started.

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