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How to: Create a Mix Station
How to: Create a Mix Station

You can combine multiple stations together to create a Mix Station. Increase music variety and time between repeated songs in your business.

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To create a Mix Station, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account on Tune.

  2. Click on Music at the top of the screen

  3. Click on Mix Stations tab in the top menu. 

  4. Click on Create Mix Station, then name your Mix. 

  5. Select the stations you would like to add by selecting them from the 'Available Stations' on the left. You can create a Mix Station using the filter option here as well.

You can remove stations from the 'Your Mix Station' by clicking the 'X' icon to remove from your list. 

6. Select the weights of each station using the drop-down menus. Stations with higher weights play more often, and lower weights play less often. Stations with the same weight play equally as often. 

7. Click the Save Music Mix button.
8. Choose from 'Play Now', 'Play Next', and 'Maybe Later'

9. If you have chosen 'Maybe Later' select 'Music'  then 'Mix Station' if you have navigated away, then hover on your Mix and click Play Now or Play Next. Please note that your Mix will only start playing once you have selected it. 

Administrators of the account can also create and edit Mixes by selecting 'Account' at the top, and then 'Mix Stations' on the left navigation menu. 

Unlimited Mix Stations

You can add as many stations as you want to your Mix, and store an unlimited number in your library!

Enjoy your music!

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