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First Steps to Troubleshooting Your CloudBox

Quick-start troubleshooting guide for any sudden outage, or loss of internet connectivity to your CloudBox, (hearing elevator type music).

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Step 1: Locate Your CloudBox

The CloudBox is often located near your speaker system or your internet router. It is a 4.5" black box with a cloud-shaped LED on top, and 2 small circle LEDs in front, only one of which will be lit (it will be either red or blue).

Step 2: Check Your Connections

Check the connections at the back of the CloudBox:

  1. POWER: Is the power cable connected firmly? To Power Cycle the CloudBox, unplug the power cable for 30 seconds and then plug back in for 60 seconds as it reboots. Please ensure that you do not use an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) unit or plug the CloudBox directly into a wall outlet without surge protection.

  2. INTERNET: Are you hard-wired (ethernet cable) or using Wi-Fi to connect to your internet?

  3. AUDIO: Are you hard-wired (AUX/RCA cable) or using Bluetooth to connect to your speaker? If hard-wired, are you using the cable that came with the CloudBox (other cables may not pass sound correctly)? And if plugged into an amp or speaker with "Modes", are the input sources correctly set to match the "Inputs"the cables are connected to?

Step 3: Check Light Status

The lights on the CloudBox indicate different statuses and help with troubleshooting, the easiest to deal with on your own will be a disconnected internet signal.

TIP: For the most up-to-date and accurate status, always Power Cycle your CloudBox before troubleshooting.

If the blue cloud on top of the CloudBox is flashing and the small LED in front is blue, the internet needs to be reconnected to the CloudBox. The easiest way to do this for Wi-Fi is with the SET UP app, which can be found on the App Store iOS (iPhone, iPad), Google Play Store, and Amazon App Store. (How To: Set Up with the App)

If you're using an ethernet cable, unplug it from both the CloudBox and router and then plug back in firmly on both sides in case of a seating issue.

If your CloudBox is back online, it should have a solid cloud on top and a red LED in front. It should also show as the active device online at the Tune website when you log in.

**If you see a flash-flash-flash pattern, a long flash-long flash-long flash (about 6 seconds each) pattern, or any flashing pattern with a RED LED in front instead of blue, please contact our Customer Success team for further troubleshooting assistance.

TIP: You can always visit us at our Live Chat for any additional help with the SET UP app (PLEASE NOTE: it is different from the MUSIC app) or with troubleshooting the Wi-Fi set up!

Step 4: Confirm Play Status

At this point, you should be just about good to go with your CloudBox First Aid!

You may want to check the volume on the CloudBox and your speakers one last

time just to confirm there are no other possible points of failure.

These are all the first troubleshooting steps that the Customer Success team will

ask you about, so if you need any more assistance, you can let the agent know

what you've already done from this list.

If you are still not hearing any audio, your CloudBox is still flashing, or if you

disconnect from the internet entirely, but the cloud on top remains solid and does

not flash when disconnected: please contact us at Pandora CloudCover Customer

Success so we can assist you with troubleshooting!

TIP: Other possible points of failure may be the audio cable, if you think this may be the problem, please chat with us using the Live Chat in the bottom right of this article. We're more than happy to help you narrow this down!

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