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Admin's Guide to Setting up Pandora Radio
Admin's Guide to Setting up Pandora Radio

This article describes how to get started with our feature, Pandora Radio.

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A few Pandora features are still under development. Click here for details and other important information.

About Pandora Radio

Learn about the features and capabilities of Pandora Radio:

Enable Pandora Radio for your locations

Account administrators can go to Pandora Radio Settings to enable or disable Pandora for specific locations. Log into your account in a computer browser. Once logged in, select Account at the top of the screen, then 'Pandora Radio Settings' on the left navigation menu.

Choosing your Location's Pandora Radio Permissions

You can set the permissions for each of your locations from Pandora Radio Settings. Each location can be set to Select Pandora, or Manage Pandora.


Locations with 'Manage' permissions can search for, create, share, and play Pandora stations. They can can create Private stations available only to that location. They can also create Global stations that are available to all locations under the account.


Locations with 'Select' permissions can only play global Pandora stations. They cannot search for, create, or share their own stations.

If you are an admin on a franchisor account, you have direct control over whether a franchisee account can have Pandora, Disabled, Enabled, or Enable, hide Location Permissions.

Important Notes

Company Selections vs. Pandora Settings

Pandora stations are not restricted through Company Selections. Rather, go to Pandora Radio Settings to restrict locations to a limited set of Global Pandora stations. Locations with Select only can only access global stations and can't create their own.

Content ratings

Pandora stations are not rated for maturity. While you should not hear explicit lyrics, songs may contain mature or offensive themes. However, there are many family-friendly, easy listening, and instrumental stations available.

Features under development

A few features are still under development:

  • Pandora stations cannot yet be added to Daypart schedules or Mix Stations.

  • Pandora is not available on Sonos devices.

We'll let you know as soon as these features are available.

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