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What is Pandora CloudCover?
What is Pandora CloudCover?

Discover what Pandora CloudCover is all about: Elevate your business ambiance with curated music and advanced streaming solutions

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Pandora CloudCover is your gateway to a world of music that not only transforms your business's ambiance and experience but also includes Public Performance Licenses to ensure legal compliance with the Performing Rights Organizations. With a wide range of features designed to cater to your music needs, we're here to enhance your customer experience. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the key features of Pandora CloudCover, the devices you can use, and how to get started.

What is Pandora CloudCover? Pandora CloudCover is a versatile music solution that offers an extensive library of music stations, Mix Stations, and Dayparting features. It's designed to help you curate the perfect soundtrack for your business, elevating your brand's atmosphere and engaging your audience.

Key Features:


  • Public Performance Licenses: Ensure compliance and legality while playing music for your business.

  • Access to 220+ Stations: Enjoy a vast array of music genres and themes to match your brand's ambiance.

  • Create Your Own Mix Stations: Be your own DJ by blending stations to create a unique playlist. Mix Stations allow you to seamlessly blend multiple music stations, creating a customized playlist tailored to your brand or business. Enjoy the flexibility to curate a unique and engaging ambiance for your audience.To explore Mix Stations further, check out our guide: What is a Mix Station: Tailoring Your Music Blend.

  • Schedule Music by Time of Day: Set the perfect musical tone for different times of the day with our Dayparting Feature With Dayparting, you can schedule music ahead of time, specifying when it plays on particular days of the week. This user-friendly feature ensures your music effortlessly aligns with your daily and weekly routines, offering a consistent and enjoyable atmosphere. Think of it as your personal music scheduler, enhancing your business's ambiance effortlessly. To delve deeper into dayparting, explore our guide: What is Dayparting: Your Guide to our Music Scheduling Feature.

  • Clean Language: Deliver a professional and family-friendly atmosphere with music that's free of explicit content. For a deeper understanding of our content rating standards, you can explore our article titled: Cloud Cover Music Content Rating System.

  • Commercial-Free Music: Keep your customer's experience interruption-free with our commercial-free music.

  • Regular Music Updates: Stay fresh and current with a constant stream of music updates.

  • Remove Songs: Customize your playlist by removing specific songs.

  • Auto-Login URL: Streamline access to Cloud Cover Music with Auto-Login URLs.

  • Company-Approved Stations: Curate playlists that align with your brand's identity and values.

Location Management:

  • Real-Time Streaming Status: Monitor the streaming status of all your locations in real-time.

  • Real-Time Song Lists: Access up-to-the-minute song lists for all locations.

  • Stream History: View the streaming history of all locations.

  • Delegate User Permissions: Empower team members with specific permissions based on their roles.

  • Group Locations into Regions: Organize your locations into regions for efficient management.

  • Mass Update Music and Messages: Easily update music and messages across multiple locations.

  • Remote Control: Remotely control music selection, volume, song skip and song removal at the current location.

Messaging (Overhead Announcements):

  • Self-Serve Upload: Easily upload and manage your overhead announcements.

  • Message Presets: Access predefined message templates.

  • Message Schedules: Set schedules for your messages.

  • Unlimited Message Storage: Store an extensive library of messages.

  • Change Live Messages at Any Time: Enjoy flexibility by updating live messages in real-time.

  • In-House Ad Production Services: Leverage our services to create compelling in-house advertisements.

Generate Reports:

  • Streaming Report: Gain insights into your streaming activity.

  • Message Report: Track the performance of your overhead announcements.

Customer Support:

  • Live Chat: Click the green Chat button in the bottom right to get started.

  • Email Support: Reach out to our support team via email.

  • Phone Support: Connect with our support experts via phone for personalized assistance.

  • For detailed information on how to reach our support team, please refer to our article titled Support Information

Supported Devices: Pandora CloudCover is designed for convenience and compatibility. You can stream music from various devices, including:

  • Computer: Use your computer to access Pandora CloudCover via your browser.

  • Mobile/Tablet: Download the iOS, Android, or Amazon Appstore app to stream music on your mobile or tablet device.

  • CloudBox: The CloudBox is a dedicated stand-alone music streaming device designed to effortlessly deliver high-quality audio content for your business. This tamper-resistant device can be remotely controlled via a browser on your computer or mobile device. The CloudBox can connect to your network using an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi and provides various connection options, including A/V line out (3.5mm), HDMI, SPDIF, or Bluetooth to link up with your amp, receiver, or powered speakers.

Pandora CloudCover is your all-in-one music solution, providing you with a vast music library, Mix Stations for customization, Dayparting for scheduling, and compatibility with various devices. Whether you're managing a restaurant, retail store, or any other venue, Pandora CloudCover empowers you to curate the perfect soundtrack that resonates with your brand and audience. Get started today and elevate your business's ambiance with music that leaves a lasting impression

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