How to use Audio Ducking

Audio Ducking allows any location to easily control their overhead music and demo in-store Bluetooth speakers.

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Audio ducking is a sophisticated tool in our arsenal, tailored to cater to the discerning needs of businesses who have a need for in store audio evaluations of their products. This feature allows you to exert control over the audio environment, attenuating the volume of overhead ambient music in your store and rerouting it to emanate from an alternative source, such as a mobile device or web browser. By offering this level of granular control, audio ducking equips you with the means to effortlessly showcase the full extent of your product's audio capabilities. This feature is a perfect fit for businesses offering products equipped with speaker functionalities that they wish to demonstrate to their customers while maintaining adherence to licensing requirements.

By default Audio Ducking isn't enabled on our accounts. To access the audio ducking feature on the customer web portal, it must be enabled on the back-end settings. If you're interested in trying out this feature, please don't hesitate to contact our support team for assistance and activation

How To Demo Bluetooth Speakers and control the main overhead music with Audio Ducking on your iOS and Android mobile devices

  1. To confirm your account has the Audio Ducking feature available, go to Tune on your browser then go to Account > Zones, and scroll the table till you see the Audio Ducking column at the far right. In the column you should see an inactive button associated with your location under the Audio Ducking column.

    If you don’t have the Audio Ducking button reach out to customer support to add audio ducking to your feature set today.

  2. Click the Audio Ducking button in your location row and follow the in-app pop-up modal messages to select from the drop down the "Audio Ducking Zone" for your location.

    Once you have selected the "Audio Ducking Zone" click save and you should see the Audio Ducking button activate with the blue color.

  3. Once the ducking zone is selected and activated, go to the Pandora CloudCover mobile app on iOS or Android. Select the menu at the top left, make sure you have "Stream on this Device" selected, then go to Zone selection at the top of the menu to select the "Audio Ducking Zone".

  4. Once in Zones confirm you have "Audio Ducking Zone" available and go ahead and tap to select "Audio Ducking Zone". You will be prompted with messages to confirm Stream Now and confirm Audio Ducking Enabled, clicking yes and continue will take you to the next step.

  5. When selected you will get an in-app message letting you know that the overhead volume will be lowered and paused and the audio will begin playing on your mobile device.

  6. Once you have the station you want playing, go to your mobile device to airplay on iOS by swiping down on the upper right hand corner to access control center. In control center select the airplay icon to see available speakers to demo. Select the speaker of choice and begin demoing the speaker.

    iOS Mobile Device

    Android Mobile Device
    Open your google home app on your mobile device, select the speaker you'd like to cast to, tap speaker and follow the in-app messages to continue to cast and mirror your audio to the bluetooth speaker.

  7. Repeat step 6 to connect and demo additional speakers with your iOS or Android mobile device.

  8. When you are done demoing bluetooth speakers, in the Pandora CloudCover app on your mobile device, pause the music and the music will stop on your mobile device and automatically un-pause and fade-in the overhead music.

If you don’t have Audio Ducking, contact us to start demoing speakers in your locations today!

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