Setting Up Bluetooth Speakers

Pair your streaming device with Bluetooth-enabled speakers to play Pandora CloudCover over Bluetooth.

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To stream Pandora CloudCover via Bluetooth, start by pairing your device with Bluetooth-enabled speakers. Pairing instructions for Bluetooth sound systems are different for each device.

Generally you can access Bluetooth via Settings on the main menu of your device.ย 

  1. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on for your streaming device

  2. Identify your speakers or sound system in a list of Available Devices

  3. Once you locate your device, select it to begin pairing. Some speakers require an additional step or App to proceed

  4. When the device has paired, the device name will appear in a list of Paired Devices. This list is also commonly labelled My Devices

  5. Open Pandora CloudCover and select a channel to begin streaming

If the device has paired successfully, your music will play over the speakers. If you do not hear music, or have not been able to pair the devices, please consult the manual for your Bluetooth speakers.ย 

Many speaker manufacturers also have pairing instructions online, which can typically be found on their Support page. ย 

**To connect to an Alexa/Echo, Google Home, Apple Homekit speaker, etc, you have to connect your device, (Phone, tablet, computer), over Bluetooth.

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