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CloudBox G9CX13+: Bluetooth Setup Guide
CloudBox G9CX13+: Bluetooth Setup Guide

This article describes how to connect your CloudBox G9CX13+ to your Bluetooth Amp or Speaker to begin streaming.

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First, confirm what version CloudBox you have. Locate the white sticker on top and make sure it lists G9CX13 or higher. If you see G9CX12 or lower, please click the button below.

What You Need

  • CloudBox

  • Power Cable

  • USB Mouse

  • HDMI cable or TRRS cable

  • Computer Monitor with HDMI input

Getting Started

1. Plug your mouse into the USB port on the CloudBox.

2. Next, plug the HDMI cable into the CloudBox and the monitor.

3. If you are using a TRRS cable provided with the CloudBox, connect the 3.5mm input to the CloudBox and the red, white and yellow inputs into corresponding plugs on the monitor.

4. Right-click the mouse anywhere on the screen to exit out of the screen and open the main menu for the CloudBox.

5. Double click the settings tab.

6. Select More Settings.

7. Select Connected Devices

8. Select Pair New Device

9. Pair bluetooth by selecting device.

10. It's Important to check volume after speaker gets connected as the default will be at 100%:

More settings > Sound (screen will show the connected speaker on the volume screen if it’s successfully paired)

11. Right click anywhere on the screen until you to return to main menu

  • Now you should be able to stream your favorite CloudCover Music station via bluetooth.

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