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Streaming Music via Sonos Desktop application setup for Mac
Streaming Music via Sonos Desktop application setup for Mac

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This guide is a walk-through of how to sync your Cloud Cover Music account with your Sonos speaker system using the desktop application.  To get started please ensure you have downloaded the Sonos desktop application from the Sonos website here.

1.) Launch the Sonos application on your computer and navigate to the right side where it says "Add Music Services." 

2.) On the next page, scroll through, locate and select Cloud Cover Music in the list of music services.

3.) After selecting Cloud Cover Music, choose the "I already have an account" option and click "Authorize" in the next window.

4.) A browser window will prompt asking to sign into the Cloud Cover Music account.

Enter the Cloud Cover Music account username and password once the browser opens and select login.

5.) Next, select the preferred zone for streaming the Sonos player from the drop-down and click on the Submit Zone button. (This example below depicts the selection and submission of the Kitchen Location)

IMPORTANT: Select Yes - Once you have selected the zone for streaming via the Sonos application any registered device for the selected zone will de-register and no longer stream music.

6.) Select Yes and return to the Sonos application to complete the authorization.

Once you’ve returned to the Sonos application, you will be asked to name the account. You cannot utilize the same account name if it has already been used for an account.
(If reauthorizing, this prompt will be skipped by the Sonos application.)

7.) Click next, and you will receive a Setup Complete verifying that you have successfully completed account sync to your Sonos device.

Click Done and that’s it!

Helpful Tips

Question: I don't see stations or mix stations after authorizing the account. 

Answer: If you do not see stations or mix stations that you have created in the list after selecting the menu options on the right, quit the application completely and relaunch to refresh the application.

Question: Can I create a new mix station from the Sonos application?

Answer: No, you have the functionality of selecting stations via the Sonos application, however, creation of new mix stations requires a browser. Once you have created your new mix stations quit the application.

Question: Can I use dayparting with Sonos?

Answer: No, for scheduling with Sonos you will use Sonos Alarms. Read more on Sonos Alarms here

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