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✅ Pandora CloudCover - Service Status
✅ Pandora CloudCover - Service Status

Receive real-time updates on the status of Pandora CloudCover.

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All Systems Are Fully Operational

Past Incidents:

2024-05-09 05:45p PST - Resolved: Android streaming issues on Sonos

Our team has deployed a patch that successfully addresses the complications arising from the recent update released by Sonos earlier this week.

2024-05-09 10:30a PST - Investigating Reports of Issues on Sonos

We are currently investigating reported issues with the Sonos platform following a significant update earlier this week by Sonos. Some users have experienced problems changing stations on Android devices. We believe streaming on iOS devices and through the Sonos web portal at should function normally. We apologize for any inconvenience and are actively working to resolve these issues as quickly as possible.

2024-05-07 10:30a PST - Resolved: Station Listings Now Visible on New Sonos App

We are pleased to inform you that our engineering team has successfully resolved the issue concerning the station listings not appearing in the new Sonos app. All functionality has been restored, and users should now be able to view and access station listings without any difficulties. Thank you for your patience while we worked to fix this problem

2024-05-07 10:10a PST - Update on Station Listings Issue with New Sonos App

Our engineering team has pinpointed the root cause of the issue with the station listings not appearing in the new Sonos app. We are actively working on a solution to resolve this problem.

2024-05-07 09:30a PST - Investigating reported issues on Sonos

We are actively investigating reported issues on the Sonos platform following a major update released by Sonos this morning. Users should still be able to stream music seamlessly on our platform. However, the update may interfere with some users' ability to authorize CloudCover, particularly affecting those who have freshly installed Sonos on their mobile devices or computers. Additionally, the latest app release does not display the station list, although you can still search for stations by name. If you need assistance browsing the station list, please visit CloudCover's station features or refer to our list of Business Stations. We are working closely with Sonos to resolve the issues arising from their recent update.

If you need assistance or have questions, we encourage you to explore our Installation & Configuration page for in-depth troubleshooting tips. Additionally, for swift and effective assistance with any issues you may encounter, detailed instructions on reaching our support team are available in our Support Information article.

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