Troubleshooting the Pandora CloudCover App

This article outlines troubleshooting methods for resolving streaming issues on your device using the Pandora CloudCover app

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If you are experience issues streaming in-store music from the Pandora CloudCover app, there are a couple of things you can try in order to address these issues.

Close all apps that are currently open on your device, including the Pandora CloudCover app.  Launch it again once everything is closed and see if that improves the issue.

Make sure that the App is the Active device. You can do this by logging out of the App, then logging back in and selecting 'OK' on the Device Activation pop-up.

Try putting your device in 'Guided Access' or Kiosk Mode for your iOS device.  Learn how to do that here.  

If you are using the iOS or Android app, make sure that you are on the latest version.

If you are using the Android app, check your device to make sure it is running Android 5.1+.  

Test streaming from in a browser from a laptop, or use a different device to see if the issue improves.

Contact support via our chat option, and let us know you are experiencing issues.  You can find the chat option on any of our web pages on the bottom right of the page, or the app.

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