Understanding Locations and Zones

Customize music with locations and zones. Learn how to add locations and zones

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In Pandora CloudCover, we've designed our platform to cater to businesses of all sizes and configurations. To help you make the most of our services, it's crucial to understand the distinction between "locations" and "zones." Let's break it down:

Locations: The Foundation

A location represents a physical site or business address where you intend to use Pandora CloudCover. This could be your main office, store, restaurant, or any other place where you want to set the ambiance with the perfect music. Locations are the foundation of your account and are used to group your zones logically.

Zones: Fine-Tuning the Experience

Within each location, you start with one zone, but you have the flexibility to create additional zones, which are essentially added areas of music within the same physical address. Think of zones as sub-areas within your location, each with its unique music selection. For instance, if you're managing a restaurant with both a dining area and a bar at the same address, you can create two zones—one for each area. This allows you to fine-tune the music experience to cater to the preferences and atmosphere of each zone

How to Add a New Location

If you're looking for step-by-step instructions on adding a new location to your Pandora CloudCover account, we've got you covered. Simply refer to our comprehensive guide, How to Add a New Location. This guide will walk you through the process, ensuring that you can set up and manage locations with ease.

How to Add Zones to Your Location

If you're eager to learn how to add zones to your existing locations in your Pandora CloudCover account, we've got you covered. Just head over to our detailed guide, How to: Add a Zone, for step-by-step instructions. This guide will walk you through the process, making it easy to create and manage zones within your locations for a customized music experience

Locations and zones are the building blocks of your Pandora CloudCover experience, allowing you to customize and curate the perfect soundtrack for every corner of your business. Whether you have one location or many, our platform is designed to provide you with the control and flexibility you need. Explore the possibilities, and don't hesitate to consult our guides for detailed instructions when needed.

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