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How to Duplicate a Message Schedule
How to Duplicate a Message Schedule

This article describes how to duplicate a Message Schedule in Tune.

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Duplicate message schedules with the click of a button! You can perform this functionality from the Messaging > Schedules section of Tune. Just log into your account in a browser, then select 'Account' from the top menu, and 'Schedules' from the left menu.

Find the message schedule you want to duplicate, and click on the 'copy' icon shown below:

โ€‹Please note:

  • This can be performed by any user who is able to create or edit message schedules, on any message schedule (even ones they did not create).

  • The resulting schedule will (1) be owned by the person duplicating, not the creator of the original schedule and (2) not global, regardless of the original schedule.

  • It can sometimes take a sec to complete, so we show a loading spinner on the Duplicate button while it is processing.

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