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How to: Control your CloudBox
How to: Control your CloudBox

Control the music on your CloudBox using a browser or the Pandora CloudCover mobile app

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You can use the Pandora CloudCover browser-based app (Tune) or the free Pandora CloudCover mobile app to control the music for business on your CloudBox. Control features include changing stations, mix stations, dayparts, removing songs, skipping songs and assigning Message Presets.

Browser-based app (Tune)

  1. Log in as the location user 

  2. From your Dashboard, select the 'Music' menu item, then 'Business Stations'

3. To select a station simply hover the mouse over the station, and you will see two options, 'Play Now' and 'Play Next'.  Select one to play music from that station.  

Mobile apps

  1. Download the Pandora CloudCover app from the App Store for iPhone, Amazon Appstore for the Amazon Fire, or the Play Store for Android. The App icon is white with a blue logo and the word MUSIC.

  2. Log in using your username and password associated with CloudBox

  3. Once you log in, a Device Activation message will ask whether you want to activate that device. Select Cancel.

  4. You will then receive an Activation Failed message. Select OK.

  5. Select the Menu Button on the top of the page. The Menu Button resembles three horizontal vertical lines.

  6. From the Menu, you may select between Cloud Stations, Mix Stations, Dayparting, Messages and Remove Songs.

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