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Custom User Permissions

Discover how to customize user permissions in Pandora CloudCover for precise control. Reach out to our support team for assistance

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This guide serves as an overview of the user permissions that are available for customization. We currently don't allow administrators to update these permissions in our web interface. In order to enable or disable user permissions please reach out to our support team for assistance.

To offer account administrators full control over the users on their account we offer a number of customizable user permissions. Each of the following permissions can be enabled or disabled for any user. To customize location user permissions please reach out to our support team and we can make adjustments to the back-end of your account.

Administrative Permissions

  • Account Owner - Allows Full access to Music Administration, Payment Administration, Messaging Administration (if applicable to your account)

  • Music admin - Allows access to music administration - ie changing stations, creating mix stations/dayparts

  • Payment Admin - Allows access to billing

  • Messaging admin - allows access to messaging

Generic User Permissions

  • Can Play Music - Allows users to stream music from their login username

  • Select Music - Users can select what music is playing from stations, mix stations, and dayparts- Does not allow user to create a mix station or daypart

  • Can Change Volume - Enable/Disable volume changes for location (Default enabled)

  • Manage music - Allows user to create mix stations and dayparts

  • Can Skip - Allows user to skip music.

  • Limit to Company Selections - When engaged this permission will limit the user to company selections determined by the administrator. If this user has the Account owner or music admin permission enabled they are able to turn this feature off.

  • Can Remove Songs - Allows user to thumbs down/remove a song from playing at their location

  • Can Pause - Allows user to pause music when enabled.

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