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Unable to connect to Cloud Cover Music when using Sonos
Unable to connect to Cloud Cover Music when using Sonos

This article will walk you through reauthorizing Cloud Cover Music in Sonos if you are not able to connect.

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Reauthorizing Cloud Cover Music In the Sonos App

  • Quit the Sonos app.

  • Once the Sonos application is closed, launch the Sonos app again.

  • Select Cloud Cover Music

  • Cloud Cover Music account needs to be Reauthorized via the Sonos application.

  • Click Reauthorize

  • When Reauthorize is clicked, you will be prompted to Authorize.

  • Now you will be directed to Cloud Cover Music login page.

  • Once logged into Cloud Cover Music, Select a Zone will appear.

  • Select the Zone you are using for your location by clicking on the down arrow

  • Now your Zone is connected and authorized to be using with Sonos

  • Open the Sonos application

  • Click done.

  • Now you will be able to play Cloud Cover Music on Sonos.

Note: If you go back to the Sonos application and you get the 'Cloud Cover account needs to be authorized' message, then the Cloud Cover account you are trying to authorize does not have streaming rights and you will need to use a different account or contact Cloud Cover Support.

You can contact Cloud Cover Music Support by opening a chat by clicking on the chat bubble in the bottom right of this page, email, or call (844) 422-6249.

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