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How to Use the 'Refresh CloudBox' Button
How to Use the 'Refresh CloudBox' Button

Troubleshooting Your CloudBox: How to Use the 'Refresh CloudBox' Button

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If you're having trouble with your CloudBox we have the Refresh CloudBox button in the zones page on This button will be enabled when streams have a CloudBox assigned, but that CloudBox is not currently active.

The “Refresh CloudBox” button on the Zones page is meant to be used when a stream with a paused CloudBox has been taken over by another streaming device. Refreshing the CloudBox will default the stream back to the CloudBox. This feature doesn't power cycle the CloudBox and it doesn't clear any cache. It's sending a signal to tell the CloudBox to resume playing. If there is an underlying technical problem preventing the CloudBox from playing correctly, this solution may not resolve your issue. In such cases, it may be necessary to seek further assistance from our support team for troubleshooting and resolving the matter

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