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Sonos Connection Settings - Network, Firewall Configuration Settings
Sonos Connection Settings - Network, Firewall Configuration Settings

Sonos Network Configuration Settings

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If you're encountering issues with your Sonos system's network connectivity or your firewall settings, we're here to help. Below are direct links to Sonos support articles that will assist you in resolving these specific issues:

  1. Configure your Firewall: Follow this guide to configure your firewall settings and ensure they work seamlessly with Sonos: Configure Firewall Settings.

  2. STP Settings: To optimize your Sonos system, configure Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) settings by referring to this article: STP Settings Configuration.

  3. Error 1013: If you're facing Error 1013 when updating your Sonos system, troubleshoot and resolve the issue using this helpful resource: Fixing Error 1013.

For detailed instructions and solutions, please visit the respective support articles linked above. If you require assistance with your Sonos products, simply click the green Chat button located in the bottom right corner to initiate a conversation with one of our knowledgeable support agents. For more intricate support concerns involving Sonos products, reaching out directly to Sonos support is recommended. Their team possesses the capability to run diagnostic reports on your Sonos devices, aiding in pinpointing the source of any issues.

Sonos Customer Support 1 (800) 680-2345

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