CloudBox: Prefetch Mode

This article describes what prefetch mode is and how to set it up on your CloudBox

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What is Prefetch Mode?

  • Prefetch mode allows us to ensure there is never any down time in music at your location/s.

  • Each night the device will download the media for the next day along with the music schedule for the next 24 hours.

Steps to get rolling

  1. Reach out to a customer support agent or your account manager and ask them to enable prefetch on your account. Also, let them know which locations you'd like to enable prefetch on so we can confirm if you have the v6+ of our APK on the box. (Prefetch only works on version v6+of our APK)

  2. Specify a "Media Download Window" when the media is permitted to download. If the Media Download window is not set it will download at any time

The Cloudbox keeps media in the cache until the cache is full and then starts evicting (as needed) least recently used media not referenced by the current schedule. Power cycling will dump the entire cached media.

How does the Cloudbox work differently with prefetch mode enabled.

  • "Play Now" wont work! It has to get the 24 hour schedule before it plays the new selection. If the station is changed it won't update until the next media window

  • Currently prefetch only works with v6+ of our APK and deliberately has no album art downloaded to save download bandwidth. If you are using one of our older Cloudboxes we may need to upgrade your Cloudbox's software in order to use this feature.


  • If the Cloudbox is online, will the controls and history work? YES, but if you change the station the update won't take place until the next allotted media download window occurs.

  • Will the royalty free music (elevator style jazz music) ever play after is has download media? NO

  • Can a station change be forced? YES, First, change the station. Afterwards, click the "Download Media" button under the zones page in Tune in order to force the Cloudbox to download a new 24-hour schedule and media.

How to Set The Prefetch Media Download Window

Select Account and the Prefetch tab

Then Select Edit

Adjust your media download window time accordingly and hit Save

Can I enable Prefetch for only specific locations? Yes!

At the bottom of the Prefetch tab you'll see each username for your account. Here you can toggle the switch to the right to turn it on, or to the left to turn it off for a location.

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