Sonos Disadvantages

  • Sonos - Native App drawbacks

  • No remote controls (Play, pause, skip, volume, station change) from our website or the Cloud Cover Music Mobile apps. You must use Sonos App

  • Can't schedule with Dayparting. To schedule music you must use Sonos Alarms. You can have a maximum of 32 alarms.

  • Station Change can take a few songs to play out before changing

  • Your Sonos app control device will need to be on the same network as your Sonos speaker to work.

Sonos Advantages

  • Sonos - Native App advantages

  • Simple(ish) setup

  • Ability to schedule volume changes with Sonos Alarms.

  • Tune your speakers with Trueplay. Trueplay measures how sound reflects off walls, furnishings and other surfaces in a room, then fine tunes your Sonos speaker to make sure it sounds great no matter where you've placed it.

  • No Cloudbox, mobile/tablet device, or computer needed

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