1. Directly on Sonos using the app (Cloud Cover Music as a "Music Service") 

Cloud Cover Music is available in the "Music Services", which allows Cloud Cover to be played directly on Sonos speakers and Amps, without any other equipment. The Sonos app can be used to play/pause and select the Cloud Cover Music stations.

Setting up Sonos using the Sonos App on iOS/Android

From your Sonos app choose 'More' from the bottom menu bar:

Once selected, choose 'Add Music Services' from the full menu:

Search for Cloud Cover Music in the top filter:

Then follow the steps to authorize your Cloud Cover Music account to play on Sonos 

Setting up Sonos using the Sonos DeskTop application on Windows/Mac 

If you are using the Sonos Desktop application, choose:

 Choose the 'Select a Music Source' section, click on 'Add Music Services'. Then browse for 'Cloud Cover Music'. 

Follow the steps to authorize your Cloud Cover Music account to play on Sonos

2. Sonos Speakers - via Airplay 2

Sonos latest model speakers, including Sonos One (not to be confused with Play1)  have support for Apple Airplay 2, which allows any iOS device or Mac computer to stream to the speaker(s) over Wi-Fi. 

With Airplay 2, any Apple iOS device (11.4+) or Mac computer can be used to simultaneously stream Cloud Cover Music to any Airplay 2 speakers, receivers or Apple TV's that are connected to the same wireless network.

Combining Airplay 2 capabilities with Cloud Cover Music zones can give you the capability of choosing one stream to play on all your Airplay 2 speakers or have multiple streams playing on different speakers.

3. Sonos Speakers with Audio Input Port

If your Sonos speakers have an audio input port, plug the device with which you wish to stream directly into the port using the audio cable provided with the Sonos.

The following Sonos products have line-in inputs on the back:

  • Play:5 (gen2)

  • Play:5 (gen1)

  • Connect

  • Connect:Amp

  • Amp

  • Port

Please note that Line-In is disabled on the Play:5 (gen2), Connect:Amp, and Amp when they are used as surround speakers with the Playbar, Playbase, or Beam.

For example, if you intend to stream music for business from your CloudBox, connect the CloudBox to the speakers using the audio cable provided with the speakers. If you choose to stream via our mobile app, launch the app and connect your mobile device to the Sonos speakers using the audio cable provided with the speakers.

4. Sonos Speakers Without Audio Input Port

If your unit doesn't have a line-input, you can bridge the unit to another Sonos unit that does (e.g. PLAY:1 and PLAY:3).  There is a great article on the line-on option by a third party.  See their article here. Or Sono's own article here.  Basic line-in instructions are below in our article as well. 

You can also add a Sonos CONNECT to your setup in order to stream Cloud Cover Music. Go to the Sonos website for videos and to learn more about this external HUB system. 

Sonos CONNECT Features:

  • Stream all the music on earth to your stereo

  • Wireless, easy to set up music player

  • Play alone, or link to other Sonos music players in your home

  • Control from anywhere with your smartphone or tablet

Where to buy: http://www.sonos.com/shop/connect

Adding Cloud Cover to the Sonos CONNECT

  • CloudBox: Plug the red/white RCA end points into the back of the Sonos CONNECT device.

  • Computer: You will need a stereo to RCA Y-adapter audio cable (one 1/8-inch stereo headset plug to dual RCA male connectors) to connect the Sonos product’s analog audio output into the computer’s audio input.

  • iOS & Android Apps: If you are connecting a portable music player to the Sonos CONNECT, you will need a 1/8 inch mini-stereo to RCA audio cable instead. Plug the mini-stereo end into the portable device and the RCA end into the Audio In port on the Sonos product.

Once you have the CloudBox connected to the line-in port on your Sonos player, you can start playing using the Sonos controller.

Using the Sonos Controller App for iOS or Android:
From the Browse menu, select Line-In, select the source, and select Play Now.

Using the Sonos Controller App for Mac or PC:
From the MUSIC pane, right-click on the music source and select Play Now.

For more information, please take a look at Sono's help article here


Streaming Issues

If you are not hearing music: 

Check the audio cables to make sure the RCA cables are plugged into Line-in and not Line-out 

The Line-In audio source will automatically appear in the Sonos App when plugged in correctly. 

If no Line-In option appears, please check the RCA cables again or to try another cord. 

If you have trouble with music cutting in and out on your Sonos system:

This might be due to the settings. Try turning your audio settings to "Compressed" by going Menu > Settings > Advanced Settings > Audio Compression in the Sonos app. This will allow the Sonos to more consistently stream audio over your network.

Sonos CONNECT Help Guide

Sonos technical support 800.680.2345. To view a more detailed product guide and installation instructions, please download: http://www.sonos.com/documents/productguides/en/connectguide_en.pdf

Cloud Cover Streaming Device and Software Help

If you require assistance with setting up your streaming device or establishing a streaming connection, please use the chat feature in the bottom right of this page. You can also e-mail support@cloudcovermusic.com. or call our customer support line at 844-422-6249.

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