On Libratone Zip: activate Wi-Fi/Bluetooth setup mode

All new Libratone speakers have Wi-Fi/Bluetooth setup mode activated out of the box.

If you want to activate setup mode manually at a later point, follow these steps:

  1. Power ON the speaker by pressing and holding the ON/OFF button down on the backside of the speaker for about 3 seconds until you see a Nightingale and a clockwire rotating signal in the touch interface

  2. Press and hold the Nightingale, located on the Touch Interface of your speaker, for about 3 seconds until you hear an audio cue.

  3. Within 5 seconds, you will see a side-to-side blinking signal on the Touch Interface, indicating that the speaker is in setup mode and ready to be set up using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Note: Speakers stay in setup mode for 5 minutes. If the speaker is not set up within 5 minutes, the speaker will fall back to its previous connection.

Cloudbox Bluetooth setup Guide

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