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This article describes the difference in Audio Connectors when using Pandora CloudCover CloudBox.

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Not all 3.5mm connectors are the same

There are several different types of 3.5mm. This CloudBox comes with a TRRS (Tip, Ring, Ring, Sleeve) connector to connect to an amplifier / sound system.  Please use the TRRS adaptor provided, or make sure the adaptor used is a TRRS that is CTIA-Style AV (Left Audio, Right Audio, Ground, Video). Connecting TRRS or TRS headphones that have a microphone, such as for a phone, will result in a humming sound on the audio

When working with the CloudBox keep in mind many 3rd party cables are not compatible with the Cloudbox and can cause issues like buzzing, humming, or audio may not pass at all. If you aren't sure if you are you can identify if its the correct connector type if it has 3 black bands around the end of the audio connector on the 3.5mm output. If your audio setup requires a different type of connector in conjunction to the one provided with your CloudBox.

If you are modifying the adaptor by cutting and connecting the bare wires to connect to a sound processor system, then a TRRS adaptor will be necessary to isolate the ground and prevent the humming sound from occurring.

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