What You Need

  • CloudBox

  • Power Cable

  • Ethernet cable (if using a wired connection, WiFi is optional)

  • HDMI cable or TRRS cable (yellow is video)

  • USB Mouse

  • Computer Monitor with HDMI input or TRRS inputs

Getting Started

-Plug your mouse into the USB port on the CloudBox.

-If you plan to use Ethernet, plug your Ethernet cable into the CloudBox and an active Ethernet port.

-Next, plug the HDMI cable into the CloudBox and the monitor.

-If you are using a TRRS cable, connect the single input to the CloudBox and the red, white and yellow inputs into corresponding plugs on the monitor.

-The Cloud Cover Music App will display on the monitor.

-Right mouse click anywhere on the screen to back out of the app and open the main menu. 

Setting Up a Static IP


-From the main menu, select Settings

  1. Select Networks

  2. Select Ethernet

  3. Select IP Address Set

  4. Select STATIC

-Enter the following required IP information:  

  1. The Static IP Address to be used by the CloudBox on the network.

  2. Valid IP Gateway IP Address for the network. 

  3. Valid Network Prefix, also known as the CIDR - This is a number from 0-32. The most common network prefix is 24, which is equivalent to the subnet mask  To determine the network prefix from a subnet mask, see this article

  4. Valid DNS IP address. At least one DNS entry is required.

Important Note: Some CloudBoxes had an error that indicated the Gateway and DNS1 could be left empty but that was inaccurate as they are required (our apologies).
If you have the version, please make sure to put in the Gateway, the DNS1, and make sure the network prefix (CIDR) is a valid number (not a subnet mask).  The notes in red indicate the required information.

Other CloudBoxes have clearer labels as follows:


  1. From the main menu, select Settings

  2. Select General

  3. Select More Settings

  4. Select Wi-Fi

  5. Select the three vertical dots in the top right corner

  6. Select Add Network

  7. Enter your network SSID

  8. Select Advanced Options underneath the Network name field

  9. Click beneath IP Settings and select Static

  10. Right click until you return to the main menu

  11. Select the Cloud Cover Music App and confirm music begins streaming

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