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Cloud Cover Music Content Rating System
Cloud Cover Music Content Rating System
This article describes Cloud Cover Music's ratings categories and rating system.
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Cloud Cover Music has three different rating categories for all our music stations. These categories are to help you determine which stations are right for you and your customers. The ratings are based on language and content. 

G - Appropriate for all audiences
Great for all audiences! These stations feature 100% family-friendly music & lyrics. 

PG - Some suggestive themes
These stations follow FCC guidelines for daytime radio airplay – all lyrics are expletive-free, but some songs reference suggestive topics. 

MA - Some expletives, overt references to illicit activity
For mature audiences. In accordance with FCC guidelines for late night radio airplay, we have edited some songs on these stations (severe obscenities have been censored). Some songs include overt references to sexual activity, violence, drugs and/or alcohol, and other illicit activity.

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