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Pandora CloudCover Customer Support Policy
Pandora CloudCover Customer Support Policy

This article describes the details of Pandora CloudCover's customer support policy.

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This customer support policy sets forth the service level commitments and obligations of Pandora CloudCover to the Client with respect to ensuring continued availability of the Services, timeframes for responses and escalation and various other service-related obligations of PCC with respect to the provision of the Services.

Pandora CloudCover Support can be reached during the hours below:

Monday - Friday: 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM Pacific
Saturday: 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM Pacific
Sunday: 9:00 - 12:00 PM Pacific

Methods to reach Pandora CloudCover Support:

Chat: Chat is available on the website and in

Phone: (844) 422-6249

Holiday Hours

Support is Closed

Christmas - December 25th

New Year's Day - January 1st

New Year's Eve - December 31st

Limited Support

Martin Luther King Jr. day - January 15th

President's Day - February 19th

Memorial Day - May 27th

Juneteenth - June 19th

Independence Day - July 4th

Labor Day - September 2nd

Thanksgiving Day - fourth Thursday of November

Day after Thanksgiving - fourth Friday of November

Priority Levels, Response, and Resolution Commitments

PCC shall establish and maintain proactive monitoring systems designed to detect and report to PCC any System Downtime. If issues are detected or reported to the Client the following incident information should be provided in order to enable the Client to effectively evaluate and communicate the incident: (i)Incident description; (ii) the Client or Customer Impact; (iii) Severity Level (P1, P2, P3); and (iv) Incident tracking number.For any Client reported Incidents and/or Incidents identified by PCC’s proactive systems monitoring tools arising from any error or malfunction in the PCC Services, PCC will diligently resolve reported issues in accordance with the applicable Priority Level as set forth below and will continue to use commercially reasonable and diligent efforts to resolve any Problems in accordance with the following provisions:


“Priority Level 1 Problem” or “P1” (High) means a business function supplied by PCC “Priority Level 1 Problem is impacted by the Incident in a manner that impacts the use or continued use of any one or more functions of the PCC Services or causes a condition that impedes PCC’s streaming or delivery of its services. P1 Resolution andCommunication times are set forth in the chart below.

“Priority Level 2 Problem” or “P2” (Medium) means a core business function supplied by PCC Services is affected but the Incident is not causing an immediate loss of streaming services. P2 examples include PCC platform and navigation application bugs. P2 Resolution and Communication times are set forth in the chart below.

“Priority Level 3 Problem” or “P3” (“Low”) means a minor Incident or enhancement to the PCC Services which does not function as intended in an immaterial manner or causes a minor impact to functionality. P3 Resolution and Communication times are set forth in the chart below.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Throughout the Term and at all times in connection with its performance of theServices, PCC shall:

  1. (a)  maintain a commercially reasonable and industry standard business continuity and disaster recovery plan and safeguards designed, implemented and tested to guard the PCC System against performance failures and to return the PCC System to full functionality as soon as reasonably practicable in the event of performance failures including, without limitation, those arising from an event of Force Majeure (the "Plan"); and

  2. (b)  immediately implement such Plan in the event of any unplanned interruption of the PCC System and keep the Client informed of the progress in implementing such Plan.

Updates to PCC System/Change Management Process

In addition to the requirements set forth in the Agreement, PCC shall not make any changes to the PCC System which may impact the Client’s use of the PCC System without adhering to the change management process.

Release Management

PCC is responsible for planning, scheduling and controlling the movement of Releases to test and live /production environments. PCC will ensure that the integrity of the live/production environment is protected and that the correct components are released and fully validated. 

Problem Management Process

Following closure of P1 Incidents PCC is responsible for performing root cause analysis and providing a formal Root Cause Analysis report (RCA) to the Client within five (5) business days. PCC is responsible for managing the lifecycle of all Problems and preventing known incidents from happening and minimizing the impact ofIncidents that cannot be prevented via Problem Known Errors.

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