If your location has experienced an event like a power outage, internet issues, or the music seems to not be streaming music for business, a simple way to troubleshoot this is to power cycle (turn off/on) the CloudBox.

To power cycle, simply unplug the CloudBox's power cable, wait 1 minute, and then plug the CloudBox back into power. Give it a couple of minutes to reboot and start streaming music again. The top cloud logo should be a solid blue light, and the little light on front of the box (network LED) should be red (not blue). 

If you have power cycled the CloudBox and are still having issues, a problem might be due to a network or DNS issue related to the router. Make sure to do the next steps while there are no customers in your location as this will take your network down for a few minutes. 

  1. Unplug the CloudBox from power

  2. Unplug your router from power

  3. Wait 1 minute

  4. Plug in your router

  5. Once your network is back up, plug the CloudBox back into power

If you have power cycled the CloudBox and rebooted your router but still need assistance, please contact us in Support and we will help you get back online! 

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