How to: Power Cycle your CloudBox

This article outlines the process of resetting or rebooting your CloudBox as an effective troubleshooting method

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If your location has experienced an event like a power outage, internet issues, or the music seems to not be streaming music for business, a simple way to troubleshoot this is to power cycle (turn off/on) the CloudBox.

To power cycle, simply unplug the CloudBox's power cable, wait 1 minute, and then plug the CloudBox back into power. Give it a couple of minutes to reboot and start streaming music again. If your CloudBox has successfully connected to our server the top cloud logo should be a solid blue light, and the little light on front of the box (network LED) should be red (not blue). 

If you see different light patterns, you can access our detailed guide on Troubleshooting your CloudBox for a more thorough evaluation of potential issues

If you've already power cycled the CloudBox but still require assistance, please reach out to our Support team, and we'll gladly assist you in getting back online

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