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Zones: Music for every area of your business
Zones: Music for every area of your business

It's the scalable & affordable solution to setting the mood in various areas of your business locations - all from a centralized dashboard.

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Many businesses want to be able to choose the music genre that plays in the various rooms within their locations.

Yet traditionally, business music software solutions were built around playing just one source of music at a location. 

So what happened to a location that needs multiple sources you ask? Welcome to a tricky, time consuming, and expensive audio nightmare. 

Our solution? Zones 

Zones vs Locations

Q: What is a Zone and how is it different from a Location?

A: Zone = a stream of audio within a location that has one single street address (i.e. lobby, showroom, breakroom, etc.). One location can have multiple Zones. 

Location = the physical site/address for the Zone(s) (i.e. 999 N. Pacific Coast Hwy, Suite 500, El Segundo, CA)

Note: The Zones in one location (i.e. Zones 1-3 in the Auto Dealership image below) are controlled from one location login. If you need separate admins for each Zone, they will need to be set up as Locations

Getting Started With Zones

Simply sign up for our Manage or Messaging plans and each additional Zone will be $12.95/mo ($11.66/mo on an Annual plan)

Bonus: We do offer a 14-day free trial – no credit card required and no long-term contracts.

If you’re already a Pandora CloudCover subscriber login to your account and click here to upgrade to the Manage or Messaging plan. If you would like to add a Zone, click here.

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