Troubleshooting: Cannot Change Station
This article describes some troubleshooting steps if you find that you cannot change your Cloud Cover Music station.
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If you are currently using a CloudBox to stream music, and find that you cannot change the station, please see the following steps to troubleshoot.

  • The CloudBox needs to be connected to your network, in order to stream.  Each CloudBox has a blue light to indicate that it is powered on, but not connected to the network, and a red light to indicate it is powered on AND connected to your network. This light is located on the front of the CloudBox. The CloudBox can sometimes be disconnected from the network without you knowing. A quick check for the light, will help you determine this. 

  • If there have been any changes to any hardware, software, or your network, or perhaps even a power outage, it may have directly affected your CloudBox. Power cycling your CloudBox (unplug the power and plug back in after 5 seconds) will make it restart automatically and reconnect to the network, so try that first if you are experiencing issues.

  • If the light is red, but still not playing your choice of music, please see this article.

  • If you are logging into Tune, but do not see any stations to choose from this is due to limited permissions set by your Administrator or IT department. You will need to contact them in order to get a station change approved. 

  • If you are logging into the mobile app and are switching the station but the music has not changed, make sure you have selected 'remote' and not 'stream' from the menu. 

  • If you are logging into Tune and are switching the station but the music has not changed, make sure the player bar at the bottom is set to 'remote' and not 'stream'. 

  • If you have configured a Daypart to play, but a different station is playing, this might be due to somebody manually selecting a station. The Daypart does not switch back, unless you manually change it back. 

  • If you have a Daypart configured, but nothing is playing you may want to make sure that the start and end time are correct, and your location is in the correct time zone.

If you have gone through these steps, and are still having issues, please contact support by clicking on the chat bubble in the bottom right of this page. 

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