You can use the Cloud Cover Music browser-based app (Tune) or the free Cloud Cover Music mobile app to remote control the music. 

Browser-based app (Tune)

  1. Log in as the Admin of the account, or the location itself that has zones added to it. 

  2. At the bottom of the screen you should see the player bar. 

  3. Select the zone you wish to control and make sure the player bar is set to remote

 4. If you have logged into the account where it is currently streaming, you will see this message:

You will need to make sure you that you no longer want to stream on that device.

When in remote mode, you will have the option to view the stream history, change the volume, and skip the song.

To select a station simply hover the mouse over the station, (from the 'Music' link at the top), and you will see two options, 'Play Now' and 'Play Next'.  Select one to play music from that station.  

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