How to Add and Use Regions

This article describes how create and use regions for your multiple locations in Pandora CloudCover.

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'Manage' and 'Messaging' plans allow Administrators to create groups of locations (including zones) called 'Regions'.  Regions are useful to define and select music and messages that are catered to a specific demographic.

For example, say you have some locations or zones that have an older generation of listeners, and another group of zones has a more latino demographic.  You can use regions to quickly, and easily assign oldies inspired stations to zones in one region, and latino inspired stations to others without setting each one individually.   

To start, make sure you have created your locations and zones.  Once that is complete, follow the steps below:

  1. To create a region, log into as the Administrator and the select 'Account' at the top of the page.

   2. Select 'Regions' from the left navigation menu.

3. Click on the 'Add Region' button on the right hand side, and name your new region. 

4. To assign Zones (within locations) to regions, please select the 'Zones' option in the left navigation panel.  

5. Select the checkbox for the desired zone, and choose which region you want to assign it to. 

6. You can select multiple zones at once, and then assign them to a region as well.

7. Once you have your zones assigned to a region, you can then select the stations and/or messages for that region by going back to the 'Regions' tab in the left navigation panel.

You're now all set with your regions!  If you have any questions, feel free to start a chat with Support or call us. 

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