Speaker and audio equipment selection can vary greatly based on the size of the space(s), sound quality, volume, installation, aesthetics and budget requirements. Due to the wide variety of requirements, we tend not to make specific recommendations. We have partnerships with installers and equipment manufacturers throughout the United States and Canada for larger multi-location installations.

Here is an equipment guide with a variety of commonly used speakers options and how they can be set up, based on the streaming devices available. This is not an exhaustive list of all options and manufacturers we work with, but covers the more common setups that we have customers using.

In terms of the device to stream Cloud Cover Music, you can choose the device you prefer for playing in-store music and overhead messages. The options are our dedicated CloudBox, our free mobile app (Android, iOS, Amazon Appstore) or a web browser on your computer. All of the devices can be controlled remotely from a computer or mobile browser.

Please feel free to chat with us online or by phone 1-844-422-6249.

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