Streaming on Libratone Speakers from iOS Devices

This article describes how to setup your Libratone speakers using an Apple iPhone or iPad to stream Pandora CloudCover.

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Wi-Fi Setup on your Libratone Zipp 

Power on

 1.) Long press the power button for 3 seconds. 

 2.) After the Nightingale, (button with a bird) is lit, wait for about 20 seconds.

3.) The speaker will enter setup mode automatically the first run, which shows a side-to-side sequence on the top.

4.) Run Libratone App and select "Add new Product" to follow the instructions to complete Wi-Fi connection.

5.) On your IOS device, open the Control Center and select the libratone speaker option for audio. 

6.) Open your CloudCover Music app and push play to begin streaming music for business! 

*To Download the Pandora CloudCover app from the App Store for iPhone, the Amazon Appstore for the Amazon Fire, or the Play Store for Android.

If you need additional information on operating your Libratone Speaker, please visit:

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